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On this website, you will find my portfolio, upcoming events, e-commerce to purchase prints, and a little information about me. My portfolio is always updating with my newest work, so please check back often and feel free to share what you like to your social media accounts.  If you are interested in prints, contact me at montanaphotographer@outlook.com or click here. In addition to fine art prints, I'm also available for freelance work, real-estate photography, or commercial work.  Most of my images are available for commercial licensing.  Hope you enjoy!

From a young age, I often had the desire to photograph beautiful things in the world happening around me.  I would see a once-in-a-lifetime moment and feel the urge to capture it with a photograph.  An amazing sunrise or sunset, a powerful waterfall, or a mountain scene that would take your breath away left me with a need to share that feeling with other people. But it wasn't until my thirties that I turned the feeling into action and became serious about photography.  

Growing up, my father was a skilled nature and landscape photographer, specializing in fly-fishing photography.  Watching and learning from him fueled my passion for the art even more.  As a young kid, he'd often put the big Nikon camera around my neck and let me snap away while teaching me exposure basics.  

Fast forward to today, and I'm an avid photographer and outdoorsman living in beautiful Missoula, Montana.  I specialize in fine art landscape, nature, and wildlife photography.  When I'm not working at my day job, you'll often find me up at crazy hours with my tripod and camera perched in front of a beautiful scene waiting for the perfect light, hiking to a remote location, or exploring the wild Rockies.

One of my goals with my photography is not only to make beautiful images, but also to capture the feeling of being in that amazing location at that moment.  It may be a feeling of peace, isolation, happiness, sadness, power, or fear.  If I invoke any type of emotion when my photography is viewed, then I believe that I have succeeded.  One of the ways I try to accomplish this is by creating images that mimic exactly what my eyes saw, which is difficult to do in photography.  I am still learning the art and hopefully always will be.

I shoot digital and sometimes film, as I still have that old Nikon FM camera that my dad used to put around my neck as a little boy. Mainly, I shoot with a full-frame Nikon D610 as my main camera and a D7000 as a backup with many lenses.

One of my beliefs is that a photograph isn't finished until it's printed.  The feeling of a fine art photograph is so much more powerful when you have a large, tangible object to view rather than viewing it on a screen.  I take pride in creating prints that will be lasting works of art which can be passed down through generations to come.  I make my own giclée photographic prints using only pigment inks, archival materials, and fine art papers.  My prints are all archival and are rated to last well over 100 years without fading.  Other print mediums I use are gorgeous acrylic prints that you would usually find in high-end galleries and gallery wrap canvases.  The prints are made in only the finest print labs in the United States.  If you are interested in a print of any image that you see here, feel free to contact me at montanaphotographer@outlook.com.  Most sizes and mediums can be accommodated.

Thank you for visiting, and if you enjoy my work, feel free to share with your friends.  Oh, and don't forget to check back often, as I will be updating the content frequently.

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